if i had kept all the work i have given away or used for rent or barter in other ways, i would have quite an impressive amount to show. i never made it a priority to hold on to my own junk, though. after all, i already know what i can make.

here is a variety of art—pencil, pen, paint, digital, brush, airbrush—that i have put in one place.

VIDEO- shot for MTV's Street Team or The Media Consortium, Kenneth Cole Productions, and just for me.

FLIERS, E-CARDS, PROMOS- digital art done for others for various purposes
WEBSITES and BLOGS - internet art and design.
ADS- print ads done for others
MAYA SMILES- airbrush experiments
SKETCHY- pencil, ballpoint pen, 1999 - 2005
What I was doing, when you thought I was taking notes. Pieces sketched by hand and digitized.
A chldren's book published in September of 2005. Examples of art; links to purchase book. Non-fiction. All art JRH.
CHRONOGRAM CAFFEINE- vector art, 2005
A tryptych of illustration done for a magazine.
VANDAL- random acts of acrylica, 2003
My utter disregard for the natural surface of things.
Illustrations done for the Reader's Digest book Digital Video, published in 2005. Non-fiction.